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Poster: caspersvapors Date: Jul 21, 2007 1:33pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: watch this...

a) I can hardly understand your reply

b) I (WE) love listening to Bob/Phils songs (Jack Straw, the Other One, Unbroken Chain? Hello? Arent you a Deadhead?)

c) so youre saying if we bought Jerry's music there never wouldve been a dispute over his estate? Did YOU watch the whole video? This shit isnt about music, its about the remains of his estate and FUBAR'd it was

d) so to answer your question: Due to a, b, and c, YES there is untrue crap in your reply


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Poster: nagdot Date: Jul 21, 2007 2:46pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: watch this...

sorry man lemme clear it up. it was free trading that led to not buying studio was the daily grind of providing entertainment(to the same 100000 ppl who didnt wanna buy their records)that led to jerrys demise.had everyone bought the records it woulda led to shorter touring periods and possibly more studio time.with that there would have been more left no room to get more finances and new fans.which is the reason i asked if you would pay for downloads and the answer obviously was pretty much why pay if we get it for free. or maybe if it was a better release.if you went to see ratdog and it was bob weir/ratdog written music chances are you wouldnt go.same with phil.but if it was the music of the grateful dead you would.jerry was the leader. yes!!! when jerry did art or made ties or had ice cream named after him its not the grateful dead merch its his. maybe the band should give jerrys guitars back the the builder ,fair is fair dont you think.after jerry died everyone turned to greed.if they shut this place down youd complain and its not even yours.jerry is an icon and still wasnt worth what other icons becuz of everyones wasnt fubar at all.its i understand why bobby was smart for taking gd and ratdog sbds down, that way he owns the key that opens to doors to possible finance.then you cant take away what he and the boys worked so hard for.look at paul mccartney havin to give up big money he worked for in his past to a woman he wasnt married to very long . thats how it works. ask any lawyer. good thing he isnt dead and married she would get it all. btw paul by himself is worth more money then all of the grateful dead enterprises.just imagine how much his worth would be if micheal jackson didnt own the rights to the beatles collection.

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